Assessing the Accuracy of a New Model for T-Shaped Cracks

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Gilbert-Rainer GILLICH
Cristian TUFISI
David LUPU
Oana Codruta HAMAT


The paper presents the investigations made to evaluate a model that predicts the frequency shifts due to T-shaped cracks. We developed the model basing on the energy loss due to the decrease of the beam’s rigidity in the region of the crack which has a transversal and a longitudinal component, respectively. The algorithm includes a coefficient representing the energy fraction for the healthy and the damaged beam segment. These fractions are described involving the normalized square of the modal curvatures and get the form of an integral. To fast solve the integrals, we implemented the model in an application written in the Python programming language. This application solves numerically the integrals and a coefficient expressing the remained energy after damage results in form of a coefficient. We successfully tested the theoretical model against finite element simulation.


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GILLICH, G.-R., TUFISI, C., LUPU, D. and HAMAT, O.C. 2020. Assessing the Accuracy of a New Model for T-Shaped Cracks. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 16, 2 (Apr. 2020), 119-124.