On the Vibrations of a Planar System of Bars Cylindrically Jointed

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Nicolae–Doru STĂNESCU


This paper discusses the vibrations of planar systems of bars. The main hypothesis is that the elongations are small enough in order to use linear theory. The deformations are obtained if and only if the directions of bars form a system of at least two independent directions. In the opposite case we present the non-linear theory for the determination of elongations of bars and the deviations of the connecting point. In the first situation, when the directions of bars contain at least two independent directions, one may obtain the small deviations when the system is acted by given forces. For harmonic actuations, we determined some Lissajous type figures as we presented in the numerical application that highlights the theory.


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BEȘLIU-GHERGHESCU, M.-L., PANDREA, N. and STĂNESCU, N. 2020. On the Vibrations of a Planar System of Bars Cylindrically Jointed. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 16, 2 (Apr. 2020), 189-197.