Features of the Dual-Frequency Acoustic Signal Velocity in the Shallow Sea

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Olekcii Volodimirovich KORZHYK


Abstract: - The paper considers the case of wave pocket propagation in a dual-frequency signal form in the shallow sea. The shallow sea is represented by a flat regular waveguide with combined boundaries. As the result of solving the case to determine the energy characteristics of the acoustic field, the basic analytical expressions for estimating the wave packet signal propagation velocity of the indicated type are obtained on the basis of the energy interpretation of the group velocity. The wave packet propagation velocity is described using frequency and coordinate dependencies of the dual-frequency signal velocity, as well as the concurrent observed time-average power stream density and acoustic energy density. The aim of the paper is to determine the peculiarities of the wave packet propagation velocity and main energy characteristics of the acoustic field in the plane regular waveguide with combined boundaries representing the shallow sea. The field is formed by a fixed source.   


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KORZHYK, O., DIDKOVSKYI, V., KURDIUK, S. and PAVLENKO, O. 2020. Features of the Dual-Frequency Acoustic Signal Velocity in the Shallow Sea. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 16, 2 (Mar. 2020), 96-105.


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