High-frequency Vibration System for Liquid Atomization

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Vladimir KHMELEV


The article is devoted to the solution of problem of providing of high-productive fine-dispersed ultrasonic atomization due to the development of the new construction of the piezoelectric vibrating system of the ultrasonic atomizer intended for the operation at the frequencies of 120…250 kHz. The result of the study is the development and practical realization of the ultrasonic vibrating system providing the generation of high-dispersed aerosols with the size of the drops of 10…17 micron at the atomization productivity of 54 ml/min for 120 kHz and 14 ml/min for 250 kHz at consumed power of no more than 10 W for 120 kHz and 3 W for 250 kHz. The essential improvement of the atomization parameters was achieved due to the increase of area of the atomizing surface (2 cm2 for 120 kHz and 0.5 cm2 for 250 kHz) and providing of the vibration amplitudes of up to 15 micron at the frequency of 120 kHz and 10 micron at 250 kHz.


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KHMELEV, V., SHALUNOV, A. and NESTEROV, V. 2019. High-frequency Vibration System for Liquid Atomization. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 15, 2 (Jan. 2019), 136-142.