Computational Assessments on Dragline Bucket Oscillations

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This paper deals with the transitory dynamics of the dragline bucket during the starting or stopping short periods within various stages of the regular technological cycle. It has supposed the effects of the hoist and drag cables respectively, with bucket unloaded. In addition, it has considered that the bucket has no contact with the ground, meaning this component as a pendulum system with double restricted linkage. The main goal of this research tries to reveal the overloads induced into the dragline structure, especially into the driving and the boom-anchors systems, due to the random dynamics of the bucket oscillations. Computational application has been proposed in order to dignify the correlations of some theoretical approaches with the real-world equipments behaviour. The concluding remarks present the relevant aspects of the transitory tensions inside the drag and the hoist systems with straight influences upon the whole machine system dynamics.


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DEBELEAC, C. and NASTAC, S. 2019. Computational Assessments on Dragline Bucket Oscillations. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 15, 2 (Jan. 2019), 149-157.