The Study of Vibration Transmission Using Virtual Instruments

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Andrea Amalia MINDA
Gilbert Rainer GILLICH
Ana Maria BUDAI


In present, learning through experiments is the preferred studying method for students. Theoretical notions by experimental example offer a high level of understanding on phenomena. Virtual labs represent a method that ensures achieving high performance in designing tool machine. After familiarizing students with theoretical aspects, using Java applets they have carried out a series of experiments which gave them the possibility of a full understanding of the phenomena concerned. The experimental part consisted of successive virtual simulations based on the modification of some functional parameters.


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MINDA, A., GILLICH, G., BUDAI, A. and VASILE, O. 2019. The Study of Vibration Transmission Using Virtual Instruments. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 15, 2 (Jan. 2019), 143-148.