Calibration and Uncertainty Estimation for The Reference Sound Source in Reverberation Room

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Tarek Mohamed El-Basheer Hussein


Since room acoustic parameters require the sound power of the sound source. Few trials to publish the way of calibration and uncertainty estimation in details for the reference sound source.  So, it is very interesting to find a way to calibrate the reference sound source that can be used in different acoustic measurements. Also, there is a need to find the value uncertainty of due to the calibration of reference sound source. Sound power level of any sound source can be determined by means of sound pressure level measurements performed in accordance to relevant ISO standards. The calibration of reference sound source according to ISO 6926 in a hemi-anechoic or reverberation room. In this case I only have the access to reverberation room, so the decision was to perform measurements at reverberation room. Kinds of measurement surfaces, enveloping the noise source, number of microphones and their positions over the measurement and the method for calculations of sound power are stated .Measurements of sound pressure level, reverberation time and background noise level were performed using traceable instruments by direct method in ISO3741. Then the calculation of sound power level in 1/3 octave band frequency was carried out for the reference sound source side by side with uncertainty contributions resulting from measurements. The values of uncertainty (Sigma R0 , Sigma omc)  respectively are in order of magnitude of  0.4 and 0.07 dB. The total uncertainty lies within the range of 0.7-1.0dB in the 1/3 octave band frequency from 125Hz to 10000Hz. 


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Hussein, T. 2020. Calibration and Uncertainty Estimation for The Reference Sound Source in Reverberation Room. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 17, 2 (Dec. 2020), 118-127.