Vibration and Stability Analysis of Multi Walled Piezoelectric Nanoresonator

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In this work, vibration and stability analysis of multi walled piezoelectric nanoresonator (MWPENR) based on cylindrical nano-shell is investigated using the Gurtin–Murdoch surface/interface theory and also other nonclassical theories such as nonlocal (NLT) and nonlocal strain gradient (NSGT) approaches. The nanoresonator is embedded in visco-Pasternak medium, the nonlinear van der Waals (vdW) and electrostatic forces. Hamilton’s principle is used for deriving of the governing equations and boundary conditions and also the assumed mode method is used for changing the partial differential equations into ordinary differential equation. The influences of the surface/interface effect, piezoelectric voltage, boundary conditions, the length to radius ratio, the nanoresonator gap width and other parameters are studied on the frequency and stability analysis of MWPENR. It is found that in all boundary conditions, higher surface/interface densities leads to reduction of MWPENR stiffness, as a result cause to decreasing of the dimensionless natural frequency and pull in voltage compared to case of without S/I effects. Also, with increasing of  ratio and the piezoelectric voltage , and decreasing of  ratio, due to increasing of MWPENR stiffness, the pull-in voltages of the piezoelectric nanoresonator is increased.


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HASHEMI KACHAPI, S.H. 2020. Vibration and Stability Analysis of Multi Walled Piezoelectric Nanoresonator. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 17, 2 (Dec. 2020), 135-148.