Sensitivity of Progressive Collapse of MRF to Redundancy Factor

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Amin GHANNADIASL, Assistant Professor


Progressive collapse mainly refers to a chain failure in a structure. That is, if one of the structural members gets a local collapse, it will lead to the other member's failure and eventually an additional collapse in the building. Over the past few decades, the assessment problems of the potential for progressive collapse, as well as improving the performance of structures against this type of failure, are widely discussed among the researchers. Several studies have been carried out on this field in the structures, but the effects of the redundancy factor of the structure, which is considered as one of the effective parameters in the progressive collapse, is not assessed. In this study, the effects of redundancy factor on improving the performance of the structure with moment frame system against progressive failure are investigated, also the adequacy of the numerical value of the recommended redundancy factor of Standard No. 2800 is worked out. Due to the positive effect of redundancy degree on the load redistribution of the collapsed member to other structural members, if the structure is not sufficient in terms of redundancy degree, the designing problem can be acceptably solved by considering the redundancy factor. In this paper, some structures with a moment frame system are studied in two groups with various spans. In the selected models, the effects of redundancy are studied by increasing the number of spans and floors. Furthermore, the redundancy factor with both regular and irregular plans are modeled. The selected structures are studied with and without considering the redundancy factor, and as well as by removing the columns which are more susceptible to progressive collapse. Finally, the results of the nonlinear static analysis of the models obtained.


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GHANNADIASL, A., MORTAZAVI, S. and REZAEI DOLAGH, H. 2022. Sensitivity of Progressive Collapse of MRF to Redundancy Factor. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 19, 1 (Mar. 2022), 17-24.