Dynamic Modelling of Vibrating Equipment for Fine Grinding of Granular Material

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Marilena Cristina NITU


The process of fine grinding of the granular materials from crushed stone, merble or brittle solid oxide materials is carried out with vibratinf equipment with two or more grinding chambers. The granular material is fed o the fine grinding chamber together with the spherical or cylindrical grinding bodies.

The vibration regime the whole assembly is subjected causes the material to be brought to a powder state with a very high degree of fineness in the range of (5÷10) μm.

The shredded material is used to coat the welding electrodes, the insulation of electrical conductor, the anti-corrosion coatings for special equipment as well as in the chemical and /or pharmaceutical industry.

The study include the dynamic computational model and the foundation of the dynamic vibration regimes so that the technological grinding process may be realized.

Thus, the calculation formulas for the forced vibration amplitudes and working pulsations are given to achieve the optimal regime for achieving the fine grinding degree at particle size class level required by the industrial process technologies.

Thea results of the dynamic modelling, of the optimization of the calculation of the vibration parameters and of the correlation with the grinding fineness were applied for several equipment at the following companies: Ductil Buzău - Bucharest, Medicines Factory Iași, Cement Factory Bicaz-Tașca all in Romania.


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GOANTA, A. and NITU, M.C. 2023. Dynamic Modelling of Vibrating Equipment for Fine Grinding of Granular Material. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 19, 2 (Mar. 2023), 105-111.