Frequency Response Analysis of Composite Aircraft Wing Using a Finite Element Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model

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Aimad-eddine BADEREDDINE


The purpose of this study is to show the influence of fiber orientation of laminated composites on bending-torsion coupling rigidity and Frequency analysis of aircraft wing model by using finite element composite beam model. The beam model is effective for preliminary design of aerospace structures (optimization, dynamic response and aeroelasticity, etc). New materials or composites have a high relationship between the bending and torsion modes due to their anisotropies. The bending-torsion coupling coefficient considered here is calculated using different ply angles of laminated composite materials. The Energy Method is used to derive the basic mass and rigidity matrices of the beam where the stiffness matrix contains terms of bending-torsion coupling. An application for free vibration analysis of aircraft wing is validated in this study and a frequency response using a MATLAB@ program is illustrated.


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2018. Frequency Response Analysis of Composite Aircraft Wing Using a Finite Element Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 15, 1 (Aug. 2018), 26–32.

How to Cite

2018. Frequency Response Analysis of Composite Aircraft Wing Using a Finite Element Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model. Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. 15, 1 (Aug. 2018), 26–32.


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